Covid-19, care and commoning

Screengrab of Kate Hodgson and Deirdre Nelson chatting online

Each member of the Crafting the Commons network has been invited to contribute a post for the blog, capturing their thinking about commons and commoning as the project unfolds. This post is an episode from the ‘HoGcast: Conversations over a Brew’ series created by Heart of Glass, a St Helens, Merseyside-based collaborative and social arts agency, and features artist Kate Hodgson and her project mentor Deirdre Nelson.

Kate Hodgson is a visual artist from St Helens who works across the Northwest. She is currently working with Heart of Glass on a zine project in collaboration with young women in Parr called PARRTY!, which will feature as part of the We are Commoners exhibition. Kate’s practice explores how art can be democratic and taken outside the confines of a gallery space. She works across many different mediums but is particularly drawn to print and performance. 

Deirdre Nelson is a maker creating textiles which explore humour, place and social history. She partners traditional techniques with contemporary processes such as digital print in creating work not only to be exhibited but on artist residencies, within education and community projects. Resulting works cross over art, design and craft.


<< Listen to Kate and Deirdre’s HoGcast episode over on the Heart of Glass website >>


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